Posted on August 3, 2016 by Thomas Tran

An Open Letter to My Little Girl

To my little baby girl.
Today is a day i worked so hard to get to… theres nothing i’ve ever worked harder to acheive than this

Before you were born 5 years ago.

I was under alot of pressure…
The pressures of being a first time dad
The pressures of making sure you wouldn’t grow up and experienced the things i endured
The pressures of being the best possible dad I can be
The pressures of providing for you
The pressures of loving you…

While love is easy for most its something your dad has struggled with.

As life happaned, my heart was drained more and more each time. When my mother, your grandma passed away any remaining love I had was gone, I was a lost soul.

When you were born I tried my best to love you but i had to rely on my mind rather than my heart.

I knew this was unfair to you and you deserved to be genuinely loved.

I made a promise to myself that i would do whatever i could to undo the damage and refill my heart with love once again.

It was a difficult journey and I had to endure countless failures…

Im not sure if i ever failed more in my life…

While im not proud to admit this, there were countless times my mind told me to give up… but i knew that i only needed to succeed once.

As time went on, my heart began to heal itself.

Friends, family, and mentors who believed in me and truly cared for me started refilling my empty heart.

It just wasn’t enough, I needed to discover how to love myself so i know how to love you but in doing so i also discovered who i am.

As i sit here today, a day i’ve been waiting for 5 years.

I dont need to ask my mind on how to love you… rather, I can just listen to my heart.

Happy Beleated Birthday, i hope day you’lll be able to look back at this point and be reminded how much you mean to me.

Your Dad